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Game Of Thrones Season 1 Dual Audio [PORTABLE]

The cast and crew of the popular TV show "Game of Thrones" met the cast and crew of the popular TV show "The Walking Dead" during the premiere for their show at the San Diego Comic-Con. The Thrones crew took the opportunity to celebrate while they were able to, it was shown in a "behind the scenes" feature on Sunday's episode. Director David Nutter was able to show off some of his new moves, Game of Thrones' visual effects supervisor, Daniel Vartanian showed off the weapons and costumes, actors were able to show off their costumes, and the crew was able to show off their cool soundtrack.

Game Of Thrones Season 1 Dual Audio

Trailing by four with just over two minutes to play Down saw a driving lane and put it down for her new team as she wrapped her way around the basket in the 2nd Quarter to put the ball in the hoop to knot the game up at 50-50. But next was the comeback as Perez would beat the shot clock down on a drive to cut the lead to just three points, 53-50. Down then lost control of the game as Balestreri was called for a travel that pushed the deficit back to seven, 55-48. From that moment on the Purple and Grey would claw their way back into the game as Jimmy got the ball to his guys and had them find an open spot for the slam. This would push UR back to the four point lead, 61-57. From there the Maroon and Grey would tie the game back up with a shot from the corner brought by White at 64-64. Down then lost control again as they were called for another travel which gave the Purple and Grey an eight point lead at 69-61. Down responded with a long two-pointer by Tan that pushed the lead back to nine, 72-63. At this point the mood in the gym was as red as the roof on SAMUEL'S. The Maroon and Grey once again had a response as White hit another shot from the corner to tie the game back up at 72-72. Down could not capitalize on that opportunity and a basket from the corner by Downs would give UR the lead back, 77-72. The Maroon and Grey would respond quickly as Perez drew a foul with under a minute to play and had a good chance to take the lead, 80-77. But that would not be the final shot for the Purple and Grey as Down was able to hit a shot on the run that brought the game back to 81-81. It looked like the Purple and Grey would pull this one out but the ball would end up in the hands of Perez that led to a put-back basket that tied the game up, 81-81. Down would then break down and call a timeout as they pulled out their defensive gameplan to stop down on purpose. After the break the Maroon and Grey continued to play the defensive gameplan and Perez would have a chance to win it for the Purple and Grey when she reached the shotblockers with her shot clock running down. But it would not be enough as the Maroon and Grey would get back up the court with the ball as Down was called for a foul. As the clock was winding down everyone was expecting Down's team to make a defensive stand but instead the Maroon and Grey went in for the bucket that would put UR up by three, 84-81.

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